Vinegar and dressings

Vinegar is an indispensable ingredient in cooking all over the world, especially in Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to adding flavor to the most varied recipes, it offers other uses such as food disinfection due to its acidity and ability to kill different pathogens, including bacteria. It has also been traditionally used for cleaning, including the removal of wine stains and disinfection of kitchens and utensils.

Our wholesale vinegars and dressings combine the latest technology and the most traditional methods, with all the guarantees of quality and food safety.

They are offered in formats from 500 milliliters to 5L PET containers, ideal for retail resale in your supermarket, restaurant, grocery store or online. We have both colorless and colored vinegars of white or red grapes, balsamic vinegar, lemon vinegar, apple cider vinegar or special vinegar for cleaning. In addition, we have a concentrated lemon dressing, especially recommended for salads, and spicy tabasco sauce to complete the culinary possibilities for your customers.

White and red grape vinegar

Best-selling vinegars and dressings

Different formats


500 ml
1 L



Boxes x Pallet


White grape vinegar and red grape vinegar

Vinagre incoloro y coloreado

Colorless and colored vinegar


Coloring (many options)

High quality apple cider vinegar

Colorless and colored vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

Filtering, Unfiltered

Balsamic vinegar

Balsamic vinegar

Lemon vinegar

Lemon vinegar

lemon concentrate

Concentrated lemon dressing

Household cleaning vinegar

Cleaning vinegar

High quality tabasco sauce

Tabasco sauce

We negotiate directly with producers to offer you products at the best possible price based on your purchase volume, and we take care of logistics, customs and transportation to your establishment, if you wish. At Inicia Trade we are experts in logistics and international trade, distributing top quality products all over the world, especially to countries in the European Union and Maghreb.