Who we are: Inicia Trade, international product distributor

Inicia Trade is an international wholesale distributor of food, cleaning and other products for retail resellers such as supermarkets, grocery stores and online stores.

We are specialized in professional services of distribution, logistics and international trade. Our team of consultants has more than 20 years of experience in the foreign trade sector. We offer our clients specialized services in different areas: tell us what your challenge is, we will help you to overcome it.

What makes us special goes beyond the products and services we offer. We understand the specific needs of our customers and offer them tailor-made solutions , so they can buy and export with confidence, security and the best value for money.

Expansion without limits

We are the strategic partner for any company in the food and industrial sector that wants to market its products outside Spain, guaranteeing expansion into more than twenty strategic countries. Our commitment is to remain at the side of each client, advising their team throughout the process.

Let's start working together

We have been providing international trade services for over 20 years, with experience in all aspects of logistics, distribution, customs agents, international commerce and white label product development.

New markets without secrets

We have first-hand knowledge of the operation of distributors in emerging and developed markets, and we have a network of qualified partners in strategic countries such as England, France and Switzerland. We know which intermediation strategy to implement in each market, adapting ourselves to the requirements in each one of them, for management such as supply, qualified auditing, import, export, logistics and distribution.

We want to be by your side during the whole process, offering you a loyal, transparent collaboration with professional guarantees.

Leaders in meat products

After our incorporation into the Norteños – Central de Carnes Group, we became part of one of the largest distribution networks of meat products in Spain. Quality, sustainability, and innovation are present throughout the company’s production process, controlled in every detail, from cattle breeding to the final consumer. Continuous auditing and certification of these processes guarantee food safety and animal welfare, with efficient use of resources and in harmony with the environment.

Inicia Trade Services

We are specialized in the wholesale distribution of products from Spain to other countries. In addition, we offer other complementary services to our customers.
Distribuidor de productos


We distribute food, halal, cleaning and other products to retailers around the world.

Consultoría de comercio exterior

Foreign trade consulting

If you have a product and you want it to be marketed in foreign markets, we can help you.

Logística y transporte

Logistics and transportation

Customized and efficient management and solutions for logistics, transportation, handling and storage of products.

Aduanas y despachos

Customs and dispatches

Customs clearance management, declarations, duties and taxes management,and shipment tracking.

Productos de marca blanca

Private label

Packaging, labeling, design of private label products, as well as marketing, logistics and warehousing.