Logistics and transportation

The logistics and transportation of products from their origin to your establishment is another key element so you can receive them with total confidence and security.

We offer customized solutions and efficient management to all types of companies in logistics, transportation, handling, product storage and more.

We control the entire supply chain, from the supplier to the end customer, with all the guarantees.

Our goal is to optimize price and delivery times for all types of transportation: land, air, sea, rail and multimodal.

Let's start working together

We have been providing international trade services for over 20 years, with experience in all aspects of logistics, distribution, customs agents, international commerce and white label product development.

Advantages of our logistics and transportation service

When you order any of our products, you can choose any other company to carry out the logistics and transport of your orders. However, by including this service with the delivery, you will be able to have a centralized control of the whole shipping process, with the additional guarantees we provide. Some of our advantages:

Efficient storage

We choose the ideal type of accommodation according to the type of products to be transported, in the most appropriate location according to the country of destination, means of transport, and packaging needs.

Expert manipulation

We make sure all workers who are going to dispatch your products have the necessary qualifications and certification to do so, which is often necessary, especially for food products.

Logistics and customs in a unified way

We also operate as a customs broker, so you can have all the necessary elements to receive your products with total tranquility, ease and speed.

Cost savings

By contracting all stages of logistics and transportation of products with Inicia Trade, you have a network of contacts that we have developed during more than 20 years of experience as an international distributor of products. This way we can get you the best warehouse, transport and customs prices, while saving you time to dedicate to your own business.