Fresh or frozen wholesale lamb is one of our star products, highly appreciated both in European and Maghreb countries. Our lamb meat products come from slaughter according to the halal rite, making it suitable for Muslims who want to maintain their traditions without sacrificing taste and ++ 0quality. Sourced from sustainable farms and with the respect for the environment that we seek in all our products. Recipes based on lamb are thousands of years old, and offer an infinite number of culinary possibilities for the most exquisite tastes. Grilled or roasted, stewed, braised or as ingredients in other dishes such as kebab, this meat has become part of the culture and tradition of many peoples around the world. In this process, it has been assimilating the most varied regional ingredients, which give it a unique flavor: dates, honey, mustard, garlic, onion and garnishes of all kinds to accompany it, such as potatoes, rice, carrots. We offer adult lamb, suckling lamb or mutton, either whole or in pieces cut according to your needs: ribs, halves, hindquarters, neck, legs or shoulders.

Lamb meat varieties


Suckling lamb piece 1
Suckling lamb piece 2
Suckling lamb piece 3
Suckling lamb piece 4
Suckling lamb piece 5
Suckling lamb piece 6


Lamb piece 1
Lamb piece 2
Lamb piece 3
Lamb piece 4
Lamb piece 5
Lamb piece 6


Mutton part 1
Mutton part 2
Mutton part 3
Mutton part 4
Mutton part 5
Mutton part 6

Quality, safety and better price

Inicia Trade is a wholesale distributor of food products with more than 20 years of experience. For this reason, we take care of the traceability of the lamb we offer from the producer to your establishment, with all the guarantees of quality and food safety.

With our experience in international trade, logistics and distribution, we can deliver these lamb products directly from the producer to your supermarket, restaurant or grocery store if you wish, at the most competitive price possible. Contact us for a no obligation quote.