Eggs and egg products

The eggs and egg products distributed wholesale by Inicia Trade provide the best possible flavor and food safety. The daily collection, selection and packaging processes guarantee excellent quality and freshness of the products we sell. They come from hens cared for with care, and in optimal sanitary conditions continuously controlled by veterinarians.
The facilities cover the entire production process: raw material selection, feed mill, grading, sorting, packaging and strict quality controls.

In addition to the guarantees we offer throughout the distribution process, from the producer to your store or supermarket, we negotiate the best prices at origin, so you can resell at a competitive price, minimizing surpluses, and ensuring the satisfaction of your customers.

Formats and packaging

Eggs size M of 30 units

30 eggs Size M Shrink-wrapped package

Packaging Eggs/Pack Packages/Box Boxes/Pallet
Cardboard 6 24 48
Plastic 6 24 48
Plastic 12 20 30
Plastic 24 72 4
20 1 42 840
Bulk 360 30 12 36
Bulk 180 30 6 72
Shrink-wrapping 240 30 8 42
Eggs in various sizes
Organic eggs
Free range eggs
Fresh eggs
Eggs size XL
Boiled eggs

Egg products

Egg products, obtained from eggs, their different components or their mixtures, provide a high nutritional value, organoleptic qualities, and functional properties necessary for the production of many foods. They are more versatile than eggs in shells, simpler to use, and safer from a bacteriological point of view.

Types of egg products

  • Pasteurized liquid egg.
  • Pasteurized liquid egg white.
  • Pasteurized liquid yolk.
  • Cooked whole egg.
  • Dehydrated egg.
  • Dehydrated yolk.
  • Prepared dishes.

Most common uses of egg products

The greatest advantage of the egg products we offer is their ease of use, and dosage in exact quantities, for use in kitchens, confectionery or bakeries. Based on a strict control of bacteriological safety, all our products minimize the risks of Listeria or Salmonella, so they can be used with total peace of mind.