Grupo Norteños – Central de Carnes

Inicia Trade has been incorporated as the export division of Grupo Norteños – Central de Carnes, one of the largest distributors of meat products in Spain.


Founded more than 40 years ago as a family business, the Group has experienced continuous growth, thanks to its human talent and total commitment to its customers. It currently has more than 20,000 square meters of state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with the most advanced technology in the sector.

Total control of the process in a 360º cycle

The key aspect that sets us apart is our presence at all stages of the production chain. We supervise and control all aspects of animal breeding, feeding, slaughter in our slaughterhouses, processing, and distribution to the final consumer.


Thinking of our customers today and the world we want for the future, and respect for people, animals, and the environment guide all our actions to continue growing responsibly and efficiently.

Food safety and traceability

Environment and biodiversity

Worker health, safety, and welfare

Animal welfare

Responsible use of antimicrobials

Quality management system (QMS)

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

Our customers

We serve both large retail groups, with stores and local supermarkets in several European and Maghreb countries, and specialized meat distributors.

But our main target is the end consumer. For this reason, we create unique products designed for them, optimizing processes and creating synergies for the development of products that meet their tastes and needs.

Audit and certification

Collaboration with companies specialized in agri-food auditing and certification is essential to ensure that our values and quality standards are respected throughout the production process.

To this end, we have partnered with Defhesa (Spanish Sustainable Beef Alliance) and Global SLP, dedicated to ensuring the protection of consumers and the environment, sustainable production, and the promotion of social and animal welfare.

Our values

Our mission is to provide society with a sustainable project for the meat sector, with quality and sustainability as fundamental values. We work in the knowledge that all efforts aimed at meeting the highest quality standards will undoubtedly lead to progress towards the sustainability of the sector.

To this end, we focus on production methods that ensure at all times:

Central Carnes

Responsible use of resources through efficiency, innovation, digitalization, and the development of appropriate management plans.

Central Carnes

Farms that allow livestock to live in harmony with the environment and comply with the highest Animal Welfare standards.

Central Carnes

Efficient consumption of resources, generating as little waste as possible. Achieving this is a contribution to the sustainability of beef farms.

Central Carnes

Innovation in beef production to contribute to the maintenance and development of the rural world, the creation and maintenance of employment, and the improvement of the living conditions of workers in the sector.

Guarantees and certifications against deforestation and conservation of CO2 emission reduction parameters.